In the Christian world, the most sacred of days is Easter Sunday,
the day we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.
The forty days (excluding Sundays) that precede Easter is known as Lent.
It is a time when Christians focus on Sacrifice (fasting), Repentance, and Preparation
for a renewed relationship with God through His son Jesus.
After being baptized by His cousin John in the Jordan river,
Jesus prepared for His ministry by spending forty days in the desert, fasting, praying,
and being tempted by Satan.
In this Lenten Devotional, we shall focus on preparation;
prepare your hearts and minds to be accepting of the works and teachings of Christ.
Each day, read the Bible verse listed. Meditate on what the passage means;
what is Jesus trying to teach us.
Allow the meaning to influence both your mind and your heart,
and make your daily prayer reflect your thankfulness for our savior and His teachings.
Who else could teach us better to prepare for the coming Kingdom of God than Jesus?
This booklet contains the miracles that are associated to Jesus,
as recorded in the four Gospels, and as nearly as is possible to determine centuries later,
in the order they occurred.
Thousands flocked to the hills and valleys to hear the Lord speak; in the next forty days,
you are one of them!
Hear His words, and let them speak to you. Witness the power of His Love in His actions.
Then, just as Jesus did, pray!

How to use this Devotional
Each day during Lent, read the scripture passage for that day.
Let the message fill your heart with its meaning, and guide you in your prayers.
There are questions and comments to help you find
just how the message speaks to you personally;
use them as needed to make your daily prayers
reflect your thoughts and your heartfelt desires.
There are no prescribed readings for the six Sundays during Lent; however,
for those that will join in the Lenten Bible Study, use the blank pages (Sundays),
to record your thoughts and questions to the readings during the week.
We will be discussing these during the study.

May God bless you and keep you;
May the Peace of Christ Jesus,
and the power of the Holy Spirit,
envelop you and guide you. Amen.